Donate Tools

Our team is just getting started and we are need of some tools. If you have any of the following tools and can donate use of them for the season or donate them to the team we would be extremely grateful.
• Small Lathe
• Large Lathe
• Band saw
• Two Flute Tap & die set
• Milling Machine
• Vice (x4)
• Arbor Press (x2)
• Large Drill Press
• Mitre Saw (x2)
• Sheet metal
• Complete drill set (x2)
• Ratchet Sets (x4)
• Tool Boxes on wheels (x4)
• Allen Wrench Set (x4)
• Through Tap Set
• File Set
• Hammers (x6)
• Vernier Caliper (x6)
• Micrometer Set (x4)
• Large Drill Bits ½ – 1” (x2)
• Table Saw
• Router Table
• Drummel
• Cordless Drill (x4)
• Hole Saw Set
• Lathe Bits
• Mill Bits
• Saw Blades
• Mig Welder
• Tig Welder
• Scroll Saw
• Portable band Saw
• Hand Saw (x6)
• Hack Saw (x6)
• Bench Grinder
• Belt Sander
• Disk Sander
• Hand Sander
• Benchtop Sander
• Square (x4)
• Combo Square (x6)
• Mitre Square (x6)


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