Buy Some Light Bulbs

Thinking about going green? We’ve got a simple way to do it- it will save you money and you’ll help local high school-ers compete at the national competition as well as score scholarships to top universities.

Imagine this- light bulbs that last 10,000 hours and if used 3 hours a day last over 9 YEARS (current ones last a mere 3-4 months at the same rate). This means, saving money on bulbs, and on your electric bill- in fact, within one year these bulbs pay for themselves just on your electric bill. We’ve got them for $20 a bulb- and doing the math- one bulb pays for itself in one year. It doesn’t require any special disposal, no radiation or environmentally unfriendly chemicals, doesn’t heat up, doesn’t break, and plugs into all of your current devices. Two-thirds of the cost is tax deductible and goes towards raising money for our competition being held in just 2 weeks.

So please, Help our robotics team and green up your world! The students are rookies and have only just qualified this past weekend for the national event and need to raise $15,000 in order to pay for registration, transportation, and hotel.

Don’t need light bulbs? Then please donate anything you can via our PayPal account, really every penny counts.

Thanks a million for your time and contribution.

Anne Urevick, Team Coach / Teacher
Omoro Kantamanto, Team Captain
JJ Biel-Goebel, Team Co‐founder and Mentor
The light bulbs:

Dean Kamen’s video on the light bulbs:
Technical Sheet:

We ship via USPS Priority Mail.
Free shipping for purchases of six or more bulbs!

1. Contribute by placing an order for the e-watt saver light bulbs.

2. Don’t need light bulbs? You can still contribute by donating an amount of your choosing via PayPal (all donations are tax exempt):



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