We Need Your Help

The South Philly High School Rambots Need Your Help!

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Dear Sir or Madam,

The South Philly High School FIRST Robotics team, the Rambots are currently seeking your support to help us enter our first year of designing and building a robot to compete in the FIRST challenge.   

FIRST Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, usfirst.org) was founded by inventor Dean Kamen, also known for designing the Segway Scooter, in 1989 with the purpose of giving high school students the opportunity to gain hands‐on experience with  sciences such as computer programming, electrical engineering, physics, pneumatics, and structural engineering. In addition, it lets students exercise knowledge they gain in their school classes for real world applications, gives them experience working one‐on‐one with professional engineers to solve scenarios, and teaches them good business and communication skills that are essential to keep the team afloat. 

 The South Philly RambotsOur team, Rambots/FIRST Robotics Team #3553, is based at South Philly High School in Philadelphia, PA. This is our rookie year for FIRST but as you can see this is not our first Robot.  Last year we competed in a submersible robot challenge and this year competed in the BEST robotic challenge.  To get things started we have already assembled a team of 12 students who are part of the South Philly Highs School network academy program.  We have also secured several mentors from across the school and from Industry to help point the team in the right direction. 

Registering for the competition is not cheap, and building a robot that can actually move when it reaches the competition floor is not easy. All teams are charged a $2,500 fee for the kit of parts and an additional $4,000 fee for each regional event they plan to attend.  To fund this effort we have applied for several grants but since grants are not guarantees and this is our rookie year we are also seeking additional financial support to cover our team’s costs.   

With your assistance we can:

·         Build and compete with our 2011 robot in the PA FIRST regional competition

·         Get the entire school interested in science by bringing our robot to all class functions

·         Recruit as many new team members as possible

·         Rebuild the South Philly High School robotics lab

We are asking for your support in whatever form you can give. We will gratefully accept any monetary donations that you are able to give us. We can also use machining/manufacturing services, donations of raw building materials or hardware components, and volunteer help from both engineering and non‐engineering mentors.   If you do decide to help become part of our team please send a few stickers with your company logo and an email with your company logo.  We will put all of our sponsors on our web page, our t-shirts, our robot and all of our carrying cases to show our appreciation. 

You use technology everyday. Just think about what would happen to the modern world if suddenly no one else was interested in becoming a scientist or engineer. Despite the large price tag, FIRST gives back by educating young students about science and technology and inspiring them to put their skills to use in the real world. Having more students in the FIRST program equates to there being more students who will enjoy studying science, technology, and engineering, as well as more students who will merely go to college. Please support us to help ensure the existence of future technological advancements while giving young people the opportunity to explore a whole new world.


Anne Urevick, Team Coach / Teacher
Please contact:  

aurevick@comcast.net OR anne.m.urevick@gmail.com


Omoro Kantamanto, Team Captain 

JJ Biel-Goebel, Team Co‐founder and Mentor


Boeing Zivtech  Cisco 

Send your check payable to:  South Philadelphia High School

                                                  2101 S. Broad Street

                                                  Room 420 Attention A. Urevick

                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19148

Please note FRC3553 on the front of your check. Thanks.


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