LogoMotion Strategy

The idea was simple: to create a simple robot that did two things- prevent the other team from scoring and to build an efficient, reliable minibot to climb the pole at the end of the match. Of course, this was more easily said than done but here’s the Story and Product:

Story: Being in their first year, the students decided to go with a simple design. While most teams decided to focus on scoring robots, our students ingeniusly brought up the obvious point that with a 27 foot “entrance” to the scoring zone, there wouldn’t be much room for all 3 robots to do scoring, and so the idea of a defensive robot was born. The maximum dimensions for the robot are 84″ diameter during game play, and so the team decided to CAD up this simple design which they call “The Dragonfly.”

CAD of the Dragonfly

Semi-completed robot

completed robot in action:


The Minibot:

The minibot proved to be much more challenging than expected. However, after weeks of building, the team finally came up with a minibot that launches up the pole in a mere 1.6 SECONDS! The launch arm, however didn’t quite work at Regionals, but with the help of Dustin Benedict from Team 816 and our friends at Upper Darby High School, Team 357 (who have been our lifesavers this season, btw!!!) we’re hoping to get it running soon.


Completed Minibot: works with two Tetrix kit motors and a center magnet to guide it up the pole


minibot test:


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