The practice bot is running

Oak programmed the joysticks to drive.  It was awesome to see.  Rich, Oak and  Duke all got to drive.  We still had some issues with jumping while we turn, but Oak has an idea about how to turn to reduce the jumping.  Only use the wheels on one side to turn so that the other side can free wheel.  We are curious if we replaced wheels that are on opposite corners with the simple omni wheels if the jumping would go away and we would still have a good bit of friction for resisting a push.

 Duke also got the power cart set up.  They work perfect under the robot.

Lastly Rich was able to get the minibot magnets figured out, the motors partially done and installed on the minibot chassis.  We still need a way to mod the minibot motor shaft.  That might be what we try to do this weekend.

~ by sprambots on March 23, 2011.

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