2011 Game Rules

I bet you’re wondering what this game is all about- we could explain it, but this video does and excellent job for us:


Some things not mentioned in the video:

0. The rules of the 2011 game were announced on January 8, 2011, and teams were given until February 22 to build a robot, at which point the robot had to be shipped to the site of the teams’ first regional event. Teams are only allowed to used components in given by the competition and no more than $3,500 for other parts.

1. At each competition there are 6-8 matches.

2. Alliances are assigned the first day of competition and are different for every match.

3. Competitions are held Thursday-Saturday and the schedule is as follows:

Thursday: Practice day- teams arrive at the competition, uncrate and get to test out their robots on the field in 3-5 pre-scheduled mock matches.

Friday – noon Saturday: Seeding matches. Teams compete in matches with the bottom score being dropped, and the rest averaged to calculate standings.

Saturday afternoon- Top placed 8 teams qualify for finals, and get to choose 2 alliance robots each to compete with them in the finals. The finals are double elimination style.

4. Nationals are held in St. Louis April 27-30, with 4 fields and approximately 350 teams total. Playoffs are completed in the same fashion with the top teams of each field going into the Einstein Field Final FINALS to determine the winners of the Championship.


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